The Gift of Music (Expanded and Revised, 3rd Edition): Great Composers and Their Influence

One of the finest achievements of Western culture is its brilliant heritage of classical music. A Gift of Music looks at the lives of the greatest composers who have given us this heritage, and especially at how their music was shaped by their beliefs. The result is a remarkable and inspiring book, showing the importance of Christian faith for many composers, and the effect of this upon their music. But it also shows how the lack of faith has brought profound change in the meaning and form of contemporary music. Thus A Gift of Music seeks to open up a whole new world of music – to encourage listening to the finest compositions with new understanding and pleasure, and to stretch our ears and imaginations. It is a book which will be greatly appreciated by those who already love classical music, and by others who want to explore this delightful world for the first time.

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3 thoughts on “The Gift of Music (Expanded and Revised, 3rd Edition): Great Composers and Their Influence”

  1. Great Primer of ‘Best’ Composer (great for ages 11 and up) This is a great primer for folks age 11 and up on the world’s best composers. There are so many books on this topic, that it’s difficult to narrow in on a comprehensive one that won’t put your children to sleep (seriously). These are short chapters, that are packed with interesting details that makes the composers and their lives memorable. Not a chore! A good read. Our sons read this over a three month period of time, and seemed to retain a fair amount of biographical info on their favorite…

  2. good resource This is a book with many chapters on a variety of great composers. The writers have included the usual suspects, i.e. Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, but many others are less know to the average music listener. The chapters are short and can easily be revisited to refresh oneself on the details. The music lexicography at the end of each chapter is fine for the same level of music enthusiast. I have been reading the chapters and then finding some of the music on YouTube. It’s a great way to enjoy…

  3. Balanced views of composers-buy it new as you will use it often We are using this book as part of our homeschooling education and are very pleased with it. My daughter plays the piano and harp and wanted to learn specifically about Mendelssohn as she would like to play one of his pieces on the harp some day. We had trouble finding a book that had balanced information about the composers that wasn’t riddled with non facts (fanciful musings!) or on the other hand way way deep in the muck of the composers lives. I honestly have not read the book, but do know…

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