Wenger Bravo Music Stand

No one calls them music wobblers or music leaners; we call them music stands. And shouldn’t your music stands do just that – stand? We thought so, and that’s why we re-designed the Bravo Music Stand. Other than your instrument, your music stand is probably your most-used piece of equipment so it’s important that it looks good and stands up straight. On a daily basis they get used and over-used, they get carried around, knocked around and driven around. They have to be built tough. You shouldn’t have to repair, repaint or replace them after only a few years of use. If you want a better music stand, there’s no need to look past the Bravo Music Stand. It’s more durable, more functional, more attractive and a better investment. Depending on quantity ordered, product may not be shipped in individual packs.

Product Features

  • Polycarbonate desk won’t chip or scratch
  • Built-in accessory shelf
  • Wobble-free base attachment
  • Height adjusts from 25-1/2″ to 46-1/2″ (65 cm to 118 cm) desk lip to floor
  • Bolt-through desk attachment to prevent desk from coming off unexpectedly

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