Zavor LUX LCD 8 Quart Multi-cooker with America’s Test Kitchen Multicooker Perfection Cookbook, Stainless Steel

The LUX LCD can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer and even a standard stockpot with a full menu to easily and quickly achieve superb meals in just one pot. The beautiful LCD display guides users through a full menu of different foods and functions, making the LUX LCD one of the easiest to use and most all-encompassing multi-cookers on the market. Includes a dishwasher-safe stainless steel removable cooking pot that is PFOA and PTFE free, a stainless steel steamer basket, a Quick Guide, a User’s Manual and a recipe book with over 70 recipes.

Product Features

  • Bundle includes: 8 quart version of the multi-cooker named as best in the market by America’s Test Kitchen with one of the most highly rated multicooker cookbooks by the same respected institution
  • Featured functions: Pressure Cook (high and low), Slow Cook (high and low), Steam, Brown, Flex (that allows to Sous Vide), Simmer, Yogurt, Grains, Eggs, Dessert, Keep Warm and Time Delay to program cooking time at your convenience
  • Over 33 programmable settings include: Meat, Beans, Soup, Risotto, Vegetable, Omelette, Cheesecake and more!
  • The White Rice setting cooks rice as a traditional rice cooker would, using only steam. The Flex function allows you to use the unit as a pressure cooker or traditional stockpot. Yogurt allows you to prepare homemade yogurt with an easy-to-follow 2step process. All food settings come equipped with their own preset cooking time and temperature or pressure level for ideal results
  • The Brown function allows you to brown foods in the same pot before cooking. Steam cooks your vegetables and fish with steam to preserve their nutrients. Keep Warm launches at the end of the cooking time to ensure food will remain warm until the cooker is shut off. Time Delay cooking up to 6 hours. Assisting icons on the panel show when the unit is preheating, cooking and even if the lid needs to be opened or closed | 1-year warranty -> register on zavoramerica website, details on user manual

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2 thoughts on “Zavor LUX LCD 8 Quart Multi-cooker with America’s Test Kitchen Multicooker Perfection Cookbook, Stainless Steel”

  1. Zavor Improves The Old Fagor Multi Cooker I’ve only had the unit for a short time, but so far everything works fine. If I run into a problem I’ll update this review.My old Fagor Lux unit decided to die without warning, along with the company. Zavor, which seems to be composed of most of the prior company’s staff introduced their updated digital multi-cooker replacement. I decided I would give it a try. The new unit costs about the same as the old non-digital version plus it comes with a stainless steel pot and steamer unit,…

  2. I was very skeptical! OMG! It’s great! You know I was very skeptical about the whole multicooker thing. I read all these reviews and thought don’t these people know how to cook! My first thought was that fast meant not as good. I’m all about the flavor, the look, and the quality of food. What changed my mind was the reviews by American Test Kitchen. Ok I got it that it’s not as good as a sauté pan or an excellent slow cooker but if it would be satisfactory it would be perfect for our RV where space is limited. First thing, I…

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